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The Coffers - Teaser Trailer

30 seconds

a short teaser-trailer for the 22 minute movie starring Billy Mayo, Circus-Szalewski, and Prentice Williams.

The Coffers is a narrative short cinema conferring the lamentable exploits of a dominant corporate leader, his efforts to lead his son toward a more fulfilling future, and a capricious friendship that hangs in the balance.

written and directed by eric wilson


nighttime is basically fireworks.


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the color of paradise.


timelapse of the moon passing in front of the sun:

thewilsonian and oaklandillest traveled to NV to shoot the annular solar eclipse

your lungs are like an accordion.

the wind journeys

A teaser-trailer for our film "The Coffers"

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search for paths less traveled

roads not required

.wherever you are going,

there you shall be going


brace yourself,

there is quite a world out there


. sunrise


just a bit of fun with slow-motion and surf, rolling on a rainy dark day...

point it and shoot it,

the world is a wonder


* eric can currently be found searching the urban or natural wilderness in search of the next cool thing to look at.

* we have a few feature film projects in the works, and we hope to entertain you with cinema that is set apart from that which you are otherwise likely to experience.

Good Afternoon,
My name is Eric Wilson and I am a filmmaker.
I enjoy pictures, sounds, and combinations thereof to convey emotions and experiences.
Samples of my footage can be seen below. Please enjoy the images…
Ask about our high-resolution prints and our stock footage library.
Y'all come along and say hello, ya'hear?